Monday, March 29, 2010

Amory MMA Wins Big At Mid-South Competition

Nine members of Amory MMA went to Starkville, Mississippi to compete in grappling at the Mid-South Martial Arts Championship. AMMA brought home eight 1st & 2nd place trophies. Here is a list of the winners:

Scotty Patten, Beginner, Heavyweight, 1st Place
Cal Weaver, Beginner, Middleweight, 1st Place
Blake Parker, Beginner, Lightweight, 1st Place
Rachel Allred, Beginner, Ladies Division, 2nd Place
Dillon Parker, Beginner, Middleweight, 2nd Place
Ricky Harlow, Beginner, Lightweight, 2nd Place
Eric Potts, Intermediate, Lightweight, 2nd Place
Jeff Chambers, Intermediate, Middleweight, 2nd Place

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AGEMA T-Shirts are in!

The new shipment of AGEMA T-shirts has arrived! Don't miss your chance to sport the T of your favorite Pro MMA team. Just $20 + S&H or pick them up at the gym on Fenco Drive in Tupelo.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

TICKETS ARE HERE! Strikeforce April 17th

Chris Gates has just announced that the tickets for the Strikeforce event in Nashville Tennessee on April 17th, 2010 are AVAILABLE! All you have to do is call or email Chris to get your tickets. ( or 662-488-5234)

Ticket prices:

We want to sell at least 1000 tickets so that Strikeforce will come back again to the Southeastern market. Get your tickets now!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Trauma at the Summit - Report

Trauma at the Summit, the Infinite Combat Championship event on March 13th has come and gone but the memory of a great show will live on in the minds of all who attended for some time. As usual, Doc, Chris and Noel put on a great show that went off without a hitch.

I spoke to a lot of fans Saturday night (having become a little more comfortable in the fight night setting) and did not hear a single complaint. Everyone had a fantastic time by all accounts. The fights were fast paced and explosive, the Summit was set up perfectly, the music and sound was second to none and the atmosphere was electric from start to finish.

Let me give some credit where credit is due, in addition to Doc, Chris and Noel:

The Mississippi State Athletic Commissioner was in attendance. I got to shake his hand and I have to say that he is a super nice guy.

Shane Hooper was the MC for the night and did a phenomenal job as usual. Shane has the voice and professionalism necessary to make any show look great and he didn't let us down. There is a lot of information to keep up with during these events and I was impressed to say the least. No joke, this guy could MC for the UFC today, easy.

Larry Eurek was the videographer for the night. I have heard that the quality is tremendous and cannot wait to see the finished product. Anyone who can sit on that ladder and get shaken around like he did when the fighters hit the cage has my respect right out of the gate. If you see Larry, thank him for videotaping the show and if you can, get him to do your videos for you.

The first fight was between Julio McKinney and Alex Villapondo and it got the night started off right. These two game opponents came to fight. They exploded out of their corners at the bell (I am not sure the crowd was ready for that), and put out an effort worthy of any main event. Julio secured a solid submission to win the fight.

Second was Eric Potts and B.J. England. Some say this was the fight of the night and set the tone for the rest of the evening. I would tend to agree that it certainly set the tone and got the crowd into the game immediately. The bout went the full three rounds with B.J. only seconds from submitting Eric at the end of the first and second rounds. Both fighters utilized blazing strikes to inflict notable damage on the other and the crowd loved it. In the third round, cardio showed again that it is king when Eric outlasted B.J. and turned up the heat when England showed signs of fatigue. At the bell, it was Eric Potts who secured the win and advanced his record to 2-0. Video of this fight can be seen on the Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Facebook page.

The third fight of the evening featured Tony McKinney and Garrett Duncan. This bout was filled with heart-stopping takedowns which had the crowd screaming and on their feet. But shortly into the fight Garrett Duncan showcased his dominance by ending the meeting with a flurry of strikes that won him match.

Fight four placed Randy Oller toe-to-toe with fellow lightweight Adam Denton. Again, the crowd got their money's worth when Denton locked in a TKO due to multiple strikes. The scrap left the crowd breathless so Shane Hooper mercifully gave us all a break to go get a drink and take our blood pressure medicine before the second half of the show began.

I have to admit some bias as I share some points on the fifth fight. Issac "Ironman Ware", a very colorful and destructive fighter from Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had taken the fight with Javaris Cole at the last minute. I have come to love watching Issac fight as many have but tonight I saw an opponent in Cole that made me a little nervous. Cole was obviously well conditioned and ready to do battle and I wasn't sure if Issac had his cardio up to par yet because he had been nursing an injury; however, if you go to the facebook page and scroll down to this fight which Tony Palmer so graciously and professionally taped, you will see why my trepidation was without merit. The two went to WAR. There is no other way to put it. Issac, in his normal fashion, dominated the fight and scored another win. This fight was shorter, but I think it rivals fight #2 for fight of the night. Just my opinion. It is indeed a tough call.

Fight number six was a total disappointment for Jesse Kilgore. I have watched Jesse train and I know he was ready for this fight, wanted this fight, and couldn't wait to test himself as a monster in the cage. I say monster because when I was a little kid and I was afraid of the monster under the bed, I know it couldn't be more scary than Jesse Kilgore is now. You just have to trust me unless you know him. Jesse is a great guy but there isn't enough money in the world to get me into the ring with him. His brother, Jeremy Kilgore, may have been more nervous than Jesse but was excited to see his brother perform. When Jesse and Brandon Williford made there way to the ring, we all held our breath for what was sure to be a complete and utter blood and guts battle rivaled only by the likes of William Wallace and the Scotts in ancient times. We were all crushed when Brandon received a thumb to the eye and could not continue. The fight was ruled "no contest" and we all sighed a long sigh as the two warriors walked from the cage. I sat next to the exit of the ring and dared not say a word to Jesse in fear that he would rip my head off on his way to the locker room. My heart sank for him as I watched him walk away in frustration.

We all hope to see Jesse back really soon and I am sure it will be worth the wait.

The seventh fight featured Habib Barmada of Florida, (a brown belt) and Jerrod Osthoff of Missouri. These guys traveled a long way for this show and obviously came to lay it all on the line. And they did. It was a great jiu jitsu battle that went from the floor to stand up and to the floor again. Great strikes, great floor work and great stamina were in both fighter's arsenal. Habib Barmada won the fight when he submitted Osthoff late in the bout. He thanked God for giving him strength and the win in the post fight interview. Both fighters showed a level of class seldom seen in today's society and I for one appreciated their skill, courage, and sportsmanship as they left the ring.

Finally, the MAIN EVENT was upon us and Brian "Bad Intentions" White ( faced a local opponent, Mike Massey. Massey boasted a 40-1 record and took the fight at the last minute when Brian's scheduled opponent backed out due to illness. Massey entered the ring first to the sounds of Queen's "We are the champions" and stood stretching as White's music began to rumble in the speakers.

The crowd began to itch with anticipation as the professional White broke the shadows and emerged with his hands in the air, encouraging the crowd with every step toward the ring. Brian has the ability to befriend anyone he meets and took every person in the room's attention as he stalked into the ring. The crowd erupted when White turned to face them and began to jump and scream. They were here to see the man dominate and he did not let them down.

The bell rang and Massey took a couple of steps forward but White must have wanted to save Massey the trouble of walking across the ring because he pounced in and cleared the gap in a millisecond, jabs already landing. Massey immediately dove for what he could grab and secured a headlock on Brian White as if he were in a WWF showdown with Jerry Lawler or Hulk Hogan. The relaxed demeanor of White was obvious as he methodically manuvered into position, lifted Massey off the mat and slammed him into the canvas face first. He rolled over and secured and armbar and I for one thought it was over. But, the showman, White took his time and offered Massey and opportunity to adjust but the adjustment never came. White ended the fight when Massey tapped out and just like that, it was over. Another win for "Bad Intentions" and another great production by TBJJ and the Infinite Combat Championship leadership.

I thoroughly enjoyed this event. I only hope that the ICC can produce another in Tupelo very soon. Thankfully people of all ages can attend the ICC events in Tupelo. Maybe you can be there too. You won't be disappointed.

ICC's "Trauma At The Summit" Results

March 13th, 2010 "Trauma" Summit Ctr" Results:
Julio McKinney defeats Alex Villapondo (Submission)
Eric Potts defeated B.J. England (Decision)
Garrett Duncan defeated Tony McKinney (TKO Strikes)
Adam Deaton defeated Randy Oller (TKO Strikes)
Issac Ware defeated Javaris Cole (Standing Guillotine)
Jesse Kilgore / Brandon Williford (No contest)
** (Eye poke made Williford unable to continue)
Habib Barmada def Jerrod Osthoff (Submission)
Brian White def Mike Massey (Submission - 31 seconds into round 1)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mississippi MMA Specialty Tags

The Mississippi State Athletic Commission has begun distribution of the new MMA tags. Click the link below to get yours today!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cody Floyd vs. Thomas Campbell added to “Strikeforce: Nashville” preliminary card promma Mar 08, 2010 on CBS

Cody Floyd will take on Thomas Campbell at "Strikeforce: Nashville" on April 17, 2010. It will be the pro debut for both fighters.

NASHVILLE – Two of the country’s top amateurs will make their pro debut when Strikeforce makes its first visit to Nashville, Tenn., next month.
has learned that Cody Floyd (5-0 am, 0-0 pro), who fights for AGEMA Fight Team out of Tupelo BJJ, will take on SSF Academy’s Thomas Campbell (17-2-1 am, 0-0) in a featherweight showdown at “Strikeforce: Nashville” on April 17. The fight has been confirmed by both camps.

Floyd’s coach, Chris Gates had this to say about his fighter,

“Cody always shows up and puts on a show. He always steps up no matter what the competition. Cody is multi-dimensional and Thomas is very good at what he does so no matter what it is going to be an epic scrap. I think Cody is great at putting everything together, from stand up and striking, to grappling and jiu jitsu, and making it work for him. It always makes each of his fights more exciting. It will be a fantastic show. Also, Cody is just a great kid to work with. He works with the little kids for us during promotions, the older people, any other person who needs help. He just loves the sport and the people associated with it.”

It will not be an easy fight for Floyd, as Campbell will have a pretty big experience advantage with 20 fights under his belt. Campbell was chosen as Pro MMA Now’s Amateur Fighter of 2009 due to an incredible 10-1 run last year.

“Strikeforce: Nashville” will be headlined with a middleweight title fight between current title-holder Jake Shields and UFC/Pride veteran Dan Henderson, King Mo will take on Gegard Mousasi, and Shinya Aoki will face Gilbert Melendez.

In addition to the heavily stacked main card, the preliminary card is going to certainly excite MMA fans from the Southeast. Many well-known names that local fans have been watching for years will take the step up to the big show on April 17. Stay tuned to as we will be announcing more of these preliminary bouts in the coming days.

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Brian "Bad Intentions" White Fights March 13th At The Summit

Brian "Bad Intentions" White. Yep, we have been waiting on his next fight for some time now and he is finally back in the ring and ready to reap havoc on someone.

Brian White is one of those guys on whom you can always rely to put on a great show filled with athleticism, charisthma, and action. He is an explosive fighter whose technical expertise leaves the crowd with their mouths hanging open. This guy puts on a show no matter where he goes.

Part of he draw to Brian is his attitude. For those at the TBJJ gym that know him he is a great guy to be around. He is always joking, smiling and making workouts fun for those around him. But when it comes time to get in the ring, it is clear why the nickname "Bad Intentions" stuck to him. The guy is relentless.

I have had the good fortune of working with Brian over the past year. He has helped me in so many ways that I could not list them all. The same is true with all the TBJJ and AGEMA fighters. They will all help you anytime they can if you will let them.

I hope you all come out to see Brian fight on the 13th. Jesse Kilgore will be fighting as well and trust me, you don't want to miss his fight. It has the potential to be one of the best of the night because Jesse doesn't fool around.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cody Floyd - CBS - Strikeforce! April 17, 2010

Strikeforce has offered Cody Floyd a pro fight on CBS April 17th in Nashville Tennessee according to Chris Gates of TBJJ. This is a fantastic opportunity for Cody so lets all get behind him in a major way! More details soon!

TBJJ Kickboxing Class Is For Everyone! (CLICK "Play" to watch video)

On Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, you can join TBJJ professional instructors and people from all walks of life to enjoy a great workout that is fun and good for you. Chris Gates and Mark Romano have developed a class that works for everyone no matter what the age. In this video, Mighty Joe Milligan teaches the class and as you can see, it is quiet the workout.