Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UFC 101 Griffin vs Silva: Who will win?

Who will win in this battle? How do you think they will win? What round? OR will it go the distance?

Got an opinion? "Bring it!"

UFC 100 Mir vs Lesnar: Who will win?

Who do you think will win in this match up? How will the fight be won? What round?

Got an opinion? "Bring it!"

UFC 99 Silva vs Frankln: Who will win?

Who do you think will win the fight between these two and how do you think it will end?
I am saying Rich Franklin is gonna take it but I am not sure how.

Got an opinion? "Lets get it on!" Bring it!

Chris Gates Interview May 2009

My first encounter with Chris Gates was during a volunteer training he was doing for one of Alliance Collection Service’s clients. I didn’t get to talk to him; however, I came away from the event with an initial opinion of him. I sized Chris up as passionate above all, and willing to work with anyone.

My second encounter with Chris was at the gym and then at lunch afterwards. I left lunch that day thinking, “This guy is no-nonsense and intense”. That is the best way I could describe him.

Chris took time out of his schedule and on his way to yet another class and spoke with me about MMA. I told Chris that I thought he really didn’t have a lot to say, meaning that he speaks with his actions instead of his words. To my surprise, he said “Hey man, I have a lot to say.”

I asked Chris a number of questions after that, and those are what I want to share with you today in an effort to give us all a better sense of what Chris’s motives are and what makes the man commit himself to this cause to the degree he does.

Q: Who was the most influential person in your life growing up?
A: My grandma Gates. She instilled in me the value of honesty, integrity, and stewardship. She was a great lady and molded me at every opportunity. She was a great influence and helped me see a much bigger picture in life.

Q: If you could choose one person to emulate or select as a mentor, who would it be and why?
A: Well, I would have to say John Wayne. The reason is that he was unapologetic about being an American. He lived it on screen and in his private life. Even his children have stated that John Wayne didn’t see us as African American, Irish American, Native Amercian, etc. He saw us all as Americans. I believe that is true today. I believe we are all Americans and should act accordingly.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: I am passionate about a lot of things, but you might think I am passionate about MMA alone. That isn’t true. I am passionate about MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and being healthy among other things. What am I most passionate about? That would be easy. I am most passionate about helping others to be the best they can be. It really is that simple. We live in a society of drive thru’s, television, and recliners. I want to help people to see that with a consistent effort, they can see real results in any endeavor and be their best.

Chris was in a hurry. As a matter of fact, as the conversation closed, he was walking across the parking lot to teach another class, so I hope to sit down with him over sushi and pick his brain a little further. When that happens, I will be sure to share it with you.

I left the conversation knowing this, Chris Gates is serious about helping people become the best they can be. He isn’t shy about his goals and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to help others reach their goals. He lives it and he teaches it. Thank you very much Chris for sharing some time with us. I look forward to our next visit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Upcoming Fights Near North Mississippi

June 5th - Tupelo: Sponsor: Alliance Collection Service, Inc.
On the card:

Lawrence Lindsay vs. "AO"
Thomas Vasquez vs. Tam Ha
Angry Dave vs. Jason Tackett
BB Bush vs. Adam Smothers
Josh vs. Marcus Hamond
Michael Tauscher vs. Steve Modene
Justin Smith vs. Corey Shaffer
Cory Poss vs. Anthony Freeman
Tim Kelley vs. Mike Brochelsky
Matt Gordon vs. Rich Rhinewald


June 19th - Memphis: On the card:

June 21st - Memphis at Fedex Forum: On the card:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TBJJ saves 16 year old from serious harm

I hesitated to write this, mainly because it puts my family in an odd position; however, Doc assured me that it would be a good post and I want to share my infant experience with this school as much as possible in order to assure others of the value of attending this gym's activities.

If you read some of my first posts, you will see that I attended a self defense class that Chris Gates taught for Tupelo Anesthesia Group and Alliance Collection Service. I went home and passed along a couple of the things he taught to my three teenage daughters. The key things I remembered were that a woman has a great weapon in her hips when attacked from behind and to use your heels to keep your attacker at bay when you are on your back.

In my first class with Mark Romano, I learned the jab and right cross both of which I passed along to my daughters.

Last week, after a field trip, my 16 year old daughter was attacked from behind by an older, larger girl. The girl ran up behind her, grabbed her pony tail and hit my daughter three times in the side of the head.

This situation had catastrophe written all over it; however, having taken several shots already and not being sure where her attacker was except that she was behind her, my daughter took what Chris taught and applied it. She knew that this girl meant to hurt her bad, so she had to do something to stop her. She backed into the girl and caught her right arm, pushed her hips back and in her words "Dad, she was on the ground in front of me before I knew it!" At that point she had the advantage, was able to get on top of the girl and lock her into a submissive position.

Here is where I am sure we need to get the girls into the gym in front of the professionals at TBJJ. As I am sure you can imagine, my daughter was very angry. She told me that she remembered how to punch... and used it... a LOT. Needless to say, she is in "In School Suspension" for three days. The amount of blood at the scene indicates to me that I HAVE to get them into class. She was in a position to stop and didn't. She had the girl down and submitted but let anger take over which I am not sure was the best decision. BUT... had Chris not taught that class, and had Doc not shared with me the basic punching techniques, I would surely be telling a very different tale on this blog.

I do not advocate fighting. I teach my girls and son to defend themselves but to never go too far and to handle the situation at the lowest possible level. Obviously, training by a trained professional like those at TBJJ, can not only prevent your family being harmed, but can also prevent them from harming others needlessly.

Thank you TBJJ for your training and efforts so far. I will have the two 99 pound youngest daughters in class within the next two weeks, after graduation, etc., to make sure the next time something like this happens, it is handled appropriately and not just "like daddy said".

New to MMA

Well guys and gals, today was my 2nd lesson in MMA. I haven't gotten into the real MMA stuff yet. Doctor Romano had me working on some boxing techniques, how-to's and such, but I did get to watch Doc, Chris, and Lawrence for a few minutes while Tony Palmer was doing his best to make my lungs explode. As I jumped the heavy ball I was impressed, between gasps, to see the dedication and expertise of these three guys. It just goes to show, I thought, that you never stop learning. I certainly hope I stay on their good side.

The training went well. Doc says I am in pretty decent shape, but I think he is just being nice. I was honestly afraid I was going to pass out at two different times. My hands and face were tingling bad. I thought, "My God, I am going to hit the floor any second, and that is going to be embarrassing!" Luckily, he gave me just enough time to catch what little breath I could before the next 30 second drill came along.

I have a LONG way to go. I trust that I will make it to my goal only because I see these guys working harder than me and setting a perfect example every time I am in their presence. If I can keep my lungs in my body and not barf one up on the mat, I may be able to make it. One thing is for sure, it would be funny... for everyone else!

Until next time, I will be working on jumping rope, running, jabs and right crosses (shadow boxing) and foot work. Perfect practice makes perfect.... got to remember that. Thanks for following this blog.

Does workman's comp cover lung and brain explosions? Hmmmm....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cody Floyd Fight Pics

Fighter Profile: Lawrence Lindsay

HOMETOWN: Tupelo, Mississippi
MARRIED / CHILDREN?: Shea is my wife, we have three boys; Trace, Preston, and Rivers.
PROFESSION: Gym owner, Personal trainer
GYM / TRAINER: Tupelo BJJ, Trainer is Chris Gates and Mark Romano
RECORD: 5 - 1
BIGGEST FEAR: Not performing up to my abilities
WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT MMA? It is the purest form of competition ever.

Thanks Jeff, for sharing the photos. Congrats Lawrence!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interview with Dr. Mark Romano

On Tuesday, May 5th 2009, I conducted an interview with Dr. Mark Romano over the phone in an effort to gain some insight into what drives him and what he hopes to see happen with MMA in Tupelo, Mississippi over the next few years.

If you know Dr. Romano, you know he isn’t one to boast. I intentionally framed these questions to be a little difficult in hopes that we would all get to know him a little better. I would like to thank Doc tonight, the evening of May 5th as I write this, for his time. I have come to realize that he has precious few moments to spare and truly appreciate his taking time to share a few thoughts with us.

There is one question that remains unanswered; however, I promise to post an answer as soon as he gets back with me on it.

Ken Dulaney, questioning Dr. Mark Romano:

What is your goal as a trainer? “To help people reach their goals and highest levels of human performance.”

What is the most rewarding part of your efforts? “Seeing people develop the confidence and success that comes from a lifestyle dedicated to excellence.”

Where do you want TBJJ to be in 5 years? “I want to see TBJJ become a place where all people come to achieve their goals and a place where fighters come from all around the country to train and improve their skills.”

Who had the most influence on your life as a youth? “ Joe Donofrio, a Chiropractor and my friends and family. As an adult, I have to say Chris Gates is the first of many names that come to mind.”

If you could pick any person in the world to be your mentor, who would that be and why? “Oh, that is a tough question. Let me give that some thought because there are so many people out there that are doing a lot of good. Let me get back to you on that… LOL.”

What upcoming event are you most excited about?
The fight promotions at our gym and any fight with our fighters in them.

What is your favorite fight of all time? “ The fight between Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard. I was disappointed with the outcome but pretty much any fight with Hagler in it.”

What is your favorite training routine? “Anything that involves Ross training.”

What would you say was Chris’s strongest suit? “His relentless pursuit of excellence for himself and people he trains. His innovative ideas and willingness to step outside the box make him stand out among his peers. Also Chris has an unmatched fighters instinct.”

Who is “the” rising star in your mind in MMA nationally? “I really like Kenny Florian. George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva are really making great strides right now.”

Who is “the” rising star in your mind in MMA locally?
“Watch people from Tupelo BJJ and you will see a variety of stacked talent. I can’t really name just one because there are so many.”

If you had the ability to speak to every person in America and had their undivided attention for 3 minutes, what would you say to them?

“You may have 10 houses, 15 cars but I guarantee you only have 1 body. Anything you can do to make it stronger is an investment.”

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Class at TBJJ, "Expectations"

Well folks, the day finally arrived. I can honestly say that since my decision to take part in the MMA world a couple of weeks ago, I have been a little more than nervous, mainly because I didn't know what to expect. I thought that since I was doing this blog that maybe I should get some first hand experience (put my money where my mouth is).

I scheduled the first training session with Dr. Mark Romano for today, Tuesday, May 5, 2009 and have been sweating ever since.

It took about 4 or 5 seconds for Doc to calm me down and get me into a rhythm. To my great relief he kept it simple, starting with some light weight lifting to loosen up. We moved over to the mat from there.

On the mat he showed me where to place my feet during sparring. I have to say I was surprised. I thought I had at least some level of understanding of the fight game... I was WRONG! My legs are still a little tight from the simple exercise. Once we got that into my head, which took some doing, he moved me on to a simple jab and then to a right cross. We finished up with how to jump rope... "Are you KIDDING?" I thought to myself. "I have been jumping rope since I was 4!" But one thing I have learned is not to think that I know anything at all about ANYTHING at any level of MMA.

Look, it is this simple. These guys, Doc and Chris (and I found out today, Lawrence), are dead set on doing things right. I learned one thing for an absolute certainty today.... Practice doesn't make perfect, "Perfect practice makes perfect".. (Dr. Mark Romano).

If I can get through today, anyone can. I mean they KNOW what they are doing and will make sure you are very comfortable in your training. So if you are reading this post, take a minute and get scheduled to visit this gym. I promise you will be proud of yourself for doing so. As of today, my goal is to get into shape and get down to 168 pounds. I am at 199 right now.

GREAT JOB DR. ROMANO! And thank you for your time.