Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Workout from Terry Robinson

This is a great workout, found by Terry Robinson, and posted by Terry on his Youtube site. I heard about it on Tuesday and just watched it. It looks really tough but also looks very effective. Thanks to Terry for demonstrating, filming, posting and telling me about it. You can see it for yourself at the link below.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Fight Results from August 22nd

TupeloBJJ was well represented this weekend. Jeremy Kilgore fought a war with the much bigger opponent Rick McCrackin.  Jeremy dominated the fight, landing huge strikes and showing great cage control standing up and on the ground.  He won a unanimous decision.

Brian White showed tremendous skill. His striking was smooth and accurate.   His ground game and transitions flowed beautifully. However, after adisplace of enormous skill, Brian got caught in a guillotine choke that
ended the fight.

Both fighters did fantastic and we at TupeloBJJ are very proud of you

Be looking for more fights coming up on September 18 in Memphis and
October 17 at the Isle Capri in Lula Mississippi.


4th Month Report

Last week I had two classes, one in boxing and one in MMA. Tuesday's class was the most fun I have had at any class so far. Mark Romano returned to Tupelo BJJ from his brief time away to qualify for a BIG event which I expect him to place a comment on this article to explain to you all. We all know he is modest, but Doc, you gotta give us some details man!

The class contained a very good, as usual, cardio workout during which I felt my old familiar friend "pain" return. You see, I am the kind of guy who goes home and tries to take what I learned in the previous class and apply it, practice and perfect it. I have yet to perfect anything, but I thought my home workouts would at least lessen the sweat beads to a degree. They did not. I just don't push myself like the guys at TBJJ push me. We got through the cardio, did the abbreviated boxing class and then were fortunate enough to have Chris Gates ask us to help with Jeremy Kilgore's wall work. I was 4th in line. Jeremy threw my chunky butt around like a rag doll, but it was a blast!

What most people don't realize about this type of gym is that even for a novice like me, someone like Jeremy or Chris can take our skills and use them to train. Jeremy had just taught me pummelling with Chris a few weeks ago. I noticed that he, without saying a word, made me work on that. He would create the opportunity, make it difficult to achieve, and then allow me a certain degree of success before he finished the exercise by putting me on the floor. This built my confidence to a degree but let there be no mistake, I know that he put me where he wanted me and worked exactly how he wanted to work. The only thing I could really do was use my weight and press on him as best I could, but it did little to put him in a strain. And this was after he had already gone 3 minutes without stopping with 3 more talented guys. Bottom line from my position, I was gassed, but it was a blast. Thanks to Chris, Doc, and Jeremy for the workout. And thanks to Tony Palmer for going before me and helping to slow Jeremy down just enough that I might not get killed, and thanks to Jeff "Chambo Slice" Chambers for telling me I hit like a girl. I will have to talk to my therapist about that for the next few months but I am sure I will recover at some point. LOL

Have a great week everyone and keep working!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tough Love and Super Ninja's

Ok, I stand corrected, but not until after Chris Gates explained to me how a fighter can get knocked out like Griffin did off of Silva's tap. Apparently, and there is no way I would doubt Chris, the momentum of Griffin moving forward coupled with his weight makes such a knockout or knockdown possible relatively easy. According to Chris, when you have already been knocked down as Griffin had been, it doesn't take much to finish the job, especially if you have all your weight moving foward at fast pace. A well placed jab can be devastating as we saw in the Griffin/Silva fight.

So I publicly stand corrected, and it is as it should be. Just remember, I did say (I think) that the "ignorant to mma", such as myself, can easily draw the conclusion that the fight was "fishy". Now that someone actually took the time to explain the reality of it all, I can see how it could happen. Thanks Chris.

Also, today's boxing class went very well. Thanks to Jon "Tito" Price for drawing my first blood since my beginning my training. Pardon the pun, but he beat Tony Palmer to the punch. Tony had just asked Jeff Chambers about the prize if he made me bleed. Tito threw a hook to my right side during our sparring session and like a dufus, I dropped my hands. You can guess what came next. LOL. Jon, being the constant gentleman, apologized. No need to apologize Jon. I can't think of anyone I would rather have punch me in the nose. At least I know you can control your punches as the other guys at TBJJ can. On the street I woulda been a goner! But man, you forgot to sign my towel! I will keep in and bring it to the next class. I am getting it framed for real. LOL

Finally, I can honestly say I am not too fond of "super ninja" moves. Is that right Chris? Super ninja? If I were a girl, I woulda cryed.... heck I might cry yet cause it still hurts! Seriously, great workout and thanks to Jeff, Tony, Chris and Jon for their patience.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Complete Disappointment - New Motivation

Well, UFC 101 is in the books and over. I understand that there were a number of groups watching the fights together in Tupelo and Amory. I was in the garden until dark and since I couldn't make it to the gatherings, I ordered the fight myself and since I invested the money, I sat through the entire thing.

Now I have said numerous times that I am new to MMA and I don't know much at all, but I am going to be critical here. I normally love to watch these fights but when I find myself looking at the crowd behind the fighters and eventually hear the commentators say "on air" that that crowd is more interested in the fights in the stands than they are in the fight in ring, then something is wrong. I must say that this was the most boring card I have ever seen. Some of you may disagree with me and may have seen a more boring fight at some point but I haven't. Even BJ Penn's fight was a sleeper. He did put on a great show for the most part but I expected explosiveness and never saw it out of anyone really.

On the bright side, it did motivate me to go out and work out. I was so frustrated at 12:00 am I decided to go try out my new sledgehammer, jump some rope, and hit the bag for about a half hour. I also now see that every fight isn't going to be a heart stopper or a blood bath but you have to appreciate the tactical side of this sport. Looking at the fights through those glasses one might find a different view. That being said, I am personally motivated to get to class and do the moving myself, instead of as in the past, continuing to sit on my couch and complaining about the fights. That is another thing that makes this sport different. If you don't like what you saw, you can always go work on what you think you can do better. In my case, it ain't much, but at least I got that workout in. LOL.

Oh yes, does anyone else think the Griffin knockout was a setup? I mean come ON! Dana White promised to make up for the embarrassment of Silva's last fight and I will admit the hype was extraordinary, but good grief! Now, the first thing in my news page this morning was what a fantastic showing it was for Silva. Are these people serious? No doubt, White is taking the best of what he has learned from politicians and from the WWF/WWE and decided that we are all stupid enough to believe we saw a great fight. I for one am not sold on that at all. Maybe I am wrong. If you think so, let me know. Like I said, I am new at this so maybe it was a magic trick I missed or something.