Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New to MMA

Well guys and gals, today was my 2nd lesson in MMA. I haven't gotten into the real MMA stuff yet. Doctor Romano had me working on some boxing techniques, how-to's and such, but I did get to watch Doc, Chris, and Lawrence for a few minutes while Tony Palmer was doing his best to make my lungs explode. As I jumped the heavy ball I was impressed, between gasps, to see the dedication and expertise of these three guys. It just goes to show, I thought, that you never stop learning. I certainly hope I stay on their good side.

The training went well. Doc says I am in pretty decent shape, but I think he is just being nice. I was honestly afraid I was going to pass out at two different times. My hands and face were tingling bad. I thought, "My God, I am going to hit the floor any second, and that is going to be embarrassing!" Luckily, he gave me just enough time to catch what little breath I could before the next 30 second drill came along.

I have a LONG way to go. I trust that I will make it to my goal only because I see these guys working harder than me and setting a perfect example every time I am in their presence. If I can keep my lungs in my body and not barf one up on the mat, I may be able to make it. One thing is for sure, it would be funny... for everyone else!

Until next time, I will be working on jumping rope, running, jabs and right crosses (shadow boxing) and foot work. Perfect practice makes perfect.... got to remember that. Thanks for following this blog.

Does workman's comp cover lung and brain explosions? Hmmmm....

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