Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day In The Life

Today I was honored to speak to Cody Floyd who is a 20 year old native of Tupelo Mississippi. Cody graduated from Mooreville High School and has a fight coming up at Samstown Casino in Tunica Mississippi on August 1, 2009.

Cody's fight record is 3-0 and is a current title holder in the Gameness Series in Nashville Tennessee. He won his title fight in a very impressive fashion that has caused many to stand up and pay attention to this up and comer.

What Chris has asked me to do is to follow Cody's progress day to day up to the day of his fight to give you an idea of what a fighter has to go through in order to be at peak performance levels the day of the fight. Cody was courteous enough to agree to the experiment and I only hope I can do him justice through this blog and our newsletter.

We will be doing a profile of Cody tomorrow and it will be in the newsletter also so if you don't subscribe, email me at and tell me to put you on the list. Tell your friends also, because we need to generate as much support for your Tupelo MMA fight team as possible.

Here is a short beginning to our series that will span from today until the August 1st. Cody got out of bed this morning at 8:30 because he didn't have to work today. His birthday is Sunday (he turns 21) and got the day off. Instead of laying around, this guy gets up and paints his garage! Good grief! I would still be asleep... LOL

Cody is eating a lot of protein via bars and shakes right now and training extra hard every day. he said he eats lots of fish for dinner and vegetables. He will be travelling to Corinth tonight to train at Paragon with Jonathan Burdine. Go get'em Cody. We are all behind you!

Check in tomorrow for the latest on Cody's training and preparations.

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  1. Very cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing this thing thru.


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