Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jack Bratcher and PROMMA publish the Isle of Capri Fights on October 17th

Of course this is subject to change, but we want to say thank you to PROMMA and Jack Bratcher for publishing the upcoming fights this weekend in their newsletter and on their site. Jack has been very good to work with us when I have asked him to print something for us. Doc Romano released the schedule to Jack to be printed and updated it this past Monday. Here is a link to Jack's site at PROMMA.


Please email Jack when you can and tell him thanks for publishing this for us. It goes out all over the world. Email Jack at
jackiebratcher@mchsi.com. And check out one of the best sources for MMA news at www.promma.info.

Fight Schedule (subject to change)


  • 145 Chad Lawshe vs Jerrold Osthoff

4-man Tournament

  • Jesse Buress, Thomas Vasquez, Adam Smoothers, Tim Galluzzi

Amateur MMA

  • HW Jesse Kilgore vs Robert Hester
  • 145 Jon Price vs Chris Ortiz
  • 155 Tim Kelley vs Taylor Tallens
  • 205 Nick Vellerial vs David Bailey
  • 145 Joe Milligan vs James Leek
  • 185 Nick Tucker vs Coleman Jones
  • 150 Cody Floyd vs Marcus Hamond
  • 175 Juice Madrid vs Anthony Freeman
  • 135 Richie Fletcher vs Brian Hall

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