Monday, April 19, 2010's Play-by-play - Cody Floyd in Strikeforce on CBS

Thomas Campbell vs. Cody Floyd

Round 1 – Floyd with the jab, Campbell with the leg kick. Floyd lands a knee and Campbell goes for the slam, but end up in a guillotine attempt. Clinch against the cage with Campbell still looking for the single leg take down. Campbell finally gets it. Floyd is scrambling to get to his feet, and throwing elbows with Campbell on his back. Big elbow from Floyd with Campbell still working to take the fight to the ground. Campbell is relentless with the single leg attempt. Campbell still working for the single but Floyd is defending nicely. Floyd lands a knee to the body of Campbell, but Campbell is still holding the leg. Campbell is bleeding from the strikes of Floyd. Campbell is eating shots holding onto the ankle of Floyd then gets reversed. Floyd now standing in the guard of Campbell landing repeated shots from the top. Floyd transitions to mount and scoots Campbell to the cage and is dropping big punches and elbows to the face of Campbell. Campbell is holding on but is getting beat badly with 10 seconds to go. Floyd transitions for the arm bar and he has it, but time has ran out. scores Round 1, 10-9 for Cody Floyd.

Round 2 – Floyd with a big left hand, then scores with a right hand. Floyd flies in with the knee and gets taken down. Floyd works back to his feet but is taken back down. Floyd scrambles out and time is called due to an illegal elbow. Campbell has recovered and the fight is back on. Floyd lands a solid 3 punch combo and is getting the better of the stand up. Campbell goes straight for the takedown. Floyd scrambles and stuffs it. Floyd waits for Campbell to stand and lands another big shot. Campbell is turtled up, but has a leg. Floyd transitions and is now on top. Floyd is in the half guard but is looking to pass. Floyd stands and rips his leg out, then throws more punches. Campbell grabs and ankle and holds on. Floyd transitions to Campbell’s back and Campbell rolls but is eating big shots again. Floyd from side mount to north-south, and is controlling Campbell. Floyd back to his feet, and Campbell grabs the ankle again and gets hit with knees to the body. Huge knee shots from Floyd, then he backs up and lets him stand. Big knee from Floyd, then a head kick just misses at the bell. scores Round 2, 10-9 for Cody Floyd.

Round 3 – Nice stiff jab from Floyd, Campbell counters with a right hand. Campbell stumbles to the mat, and Floyd flies in and controls the head then steps back. The ref stands Campbell up and Floyd attacks with a big knee and Campbell is down and the fight is over.

Cody Floyd def. Thomas Campbell via KO (knee) Round 3

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