Thursday, May 20, 2010

Credit where credit is due

There are a couple of people we need to recognize for their hard work during the fights in Lula. I didn't include them in the previous post because honestly, I wasn't sure of Ryan's last name. Thanks to Larry Eurek, with whom I had lunch today, I now know it is McMichael.

Ryan McMichael was one of the first people I ran in to prior to the fights on May 15th at the Isle of Capri. I was immediately impressed with the job he had done with the audio. It is easy to see that Ryan is an experienced audio pro. He did a grand job with the music, mic's, and all the other production audio.

So "thanks" to Ryan for a job well done. We all really enjoyed the professional results he produced.

Second, we want to again say "great job" to Ben Boren with the Isle of Capri. We ask you all to, if you attended or even heard a report, to take the time to go to and leave a comment. This will help Ben to justify bringing MMA back to the Isle in the future and is a great way for you to help your Tupelo Pro MMA team "AGEMA" and TBJJ.

Please don't delay. Do it now. It only takes a minute. Just click on the link.

Thank you in advance!

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