Monday, September 13, 2010

Fitness Kickboxing with "Mighty Joe" Milligan

If you have had the opportunity to train with "Mighty Joe" Milligan or if you have had the good fortune to see him fight in the octagon, you understand why the kickboxing class that he teaches at Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so popular. Joe, with a 4-0 record in MMA fights, is dedicated to the sport of MMA and shares his passion for the sport in his class and has been doing so for ten months now. Just ask any of the attendees and they will tell you how much fun they have.

Personally, I was skeptical of how much fun a class like this could be so I zipped over to TBJJ last Tuesday night to see for myself. It was refreshing to see the ladies laughing it up, cracking jokes, and training together as Joe laid out that nights routine.

"I try to mix it up and we rarely do the same routine twice in a row," says Joe. "Some nights we will do a lot of cardio, some nights we hit the bags, and some nights we focus on mitt work. I don't want the ladies to get bored so we keep it light and have a great time." Joe helps his students to build strength, endurance, speed and power all at the same time. Where else are you going to get the opportunity to train with a REAL MMA FIGHTER?

I can say first hand that they work hard and have fun at the same time. It was a great class and Joe Milligan is perfect to teach it. I can see why Chris Gates wants him to cover the class and I would encourage anyone, male or female, to come to the gym on Fenco Drive in Tupelo, TUESDAY NIGHT from 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm and really enjoy getting into shape.

Your first class is absolutely FREE! After you decide to be a regular, it is only $10 per class and there are special rates available if you want to set up a monthly plan where you can save even more money. CALL Chris Gates or Mark Romano at 662-488-5158 or 662-488-5234 or email Mark at for more details.

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