Monday, October 11, 2010

Empire Fights "Night of Reckoning" Results

The only word I can find to describe the fights at Harrah's on Saturday night is "DANG!" This was a fantastic event. David Ferguson and Tyler Sory put on a first class event that had most of us shaking from the adrenaline rush long after the Empire Fights "Night of Reckoning" was over. TBJJ's Chris Gates and Mark Romano were a big part of the hubbub as they led Issac Ware and Cody Floyd to extremely impressive victories in what is sure to be one of the best events of 2010.

Here are the un-official results:

1. Jimmy White v Issac Ware: Ware wins split decision
2. Austin Garner v Jeremia Trundle: Trundle wins via rear naked choke
3. Dave Martin v Mike Houston: Houston wins with leg triangle submission
4. Brian Horton v Mike Hall: Hall wins via submission

5. Taylor Callens v Jonathan Burdine: Callens wins, KO via spinning back elbow
6. Shawn Johnson v Dan Schroeppel: Johnson wins decision
7. Dustin Rhodes v Abe Wilson: Wilson wins via KO in first round
8. Harry Johnson v Cody Floyd: Floyd wins in 2nd round TKO
9. Tel Faulkner v Jacob Noe: Noe wins via arm triangle in 1st round
10. Andy Uhrich v Charlie Rader: CO MAIN EVENT -Rader wins via KO in 2nd round
11. Zach Underwood v Austin Lyons: MAIN EVENT - Lyons wins split decision in fight of the night 47-46, 48-46, 47-46.

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