Monday, November 30, 2009

1-1 on the weekend

Well, I waited all day yesterday and part of today to write this because I had mixed feelings about the fight I attended on Saturday night but I will attempt to give you an update to what happened.

Let's first say a big congratulations to Mighty Joe Milligan for his win at Samstown in Tunica. I understand it was a great fight and Joe was impressive from start to finish. Joe's record now stands at 4-0 and the future looks bright for this fighter who is willing to step into the ring with just about anyone. Props to Chris Gates and Dr. Mark Romano and everyone else that helped Joe prepare. Maybe I can get some pics to attach to this post pretty quick.

Ms. Toni and I took two teenagers to the fights at the International Agricenter in Memphis to watch Goldman Butler fight. Goldman was up against John Dixon of Biloxi and did not disappoint us with his performance. Brown was 7-1 coming into the fight and, in my opinion, was well on his way to 7-2 as Goldman controlled the first round and most of the second. But, Goldman got caught with a good right cross and went down after the referee had separated the two in the second round. I didn't understand why he separated them as they were both fighting on the cage, throwing knees consistently and pummeling hard. When Goldman went down, he immediately rolled and grabbed Brown's leg to bring him to the mat and was obviously well positioned to defend but then the ref jumped in and stopped the fight. I was surprised to say the least and the crowd reacted with boo's all over the place. In my opinion, the ref goofed up the whole fight. That is just my opinion but it is what it is as was the results. Either way, Goldman did us all proud. He was obviously in great shape and put on a fantastic show. This was easily the best fight of the night.

There were 5 fights on this night:

Justin Rice won over Bobby Hill in the first round.
Ryan Caprari won with an arm bar over Randy Fields.
Chris Myers won with a triangle over a very game Jeremy Wallace (Great fight.
Chris Hawk (crowd favorite) won with an arm bar over Sean Frens but it was a brawl.
And finally, in the most exciting fight of the night, John Brown overcame Goldman Butler in a TKO, referee stoppage.

Goldman is still the "man"! John "Do do" Brown said during his post fight interview, "I found out tonight that I am not the strongest guy in this weight class." We know Goldman will be back soon. I for one cannot wait to see him fight again.

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