Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AGEMA - What does it mean?

According to Wikipedia "AGEMA" is defined:

"In ancient Macedonia, the Agema, meaning literally "the guards", were the elite guards. In Macedon, especially under Philip V of Macedon and Perseus of Macedon, the Agema formed an elite body within the corps of 'Peltasts'. This corps is not to be confused with the light infantry. The Macedonian Peltast corps was the equivalent of the Hypaspists in Alexander the Greats army."

The "Agema" were historically utilized as the elite guard for Kings of their time in many areas. Their duties included escorting Kings into battle and were considered the best of the best and respected worldwide as dangerous adversaries in any situation.

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  1. I thought Agema meant "Bad A** Dudes"...LOL...That is what it means to me about those warriors in the Tupelo camp.


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