Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday Morning Boxing

Don't let the picture spook you.  The photo above was taken on Tuesday morning during the boxing class, but these two guys, Jonathan Burdine (Left) and Brian White (Right) know what they are doing.  I just thought it was a great shot so I posted it.

The class starts at 10:00 am.  I hadn't been to class in a while but as always, the participants are able to go at their own pace. Mark Romano taught the class and today we worked on jabs and counters.  Of course, that was after a vigorous cardiovascular warm up.

I got to meet Will and Taylor, a couple of sharp young people who just started with UFM a couple of weeks ago.  It was obvious they had taken a few classes as they moved with skill and control through every station.

I was also very happy to see JBurd, Brian, Daniel, Issac, and a few other familiar faces.  It is good to know that UFM Tupelo has so many experienced fighters and personnel available to help everyone in attendance.

If you haven't taken a boxing class or an MMA class yet, I highly recommend these guys to you.  Yeah, I am a little biased because I know most of them but they don't pay me to brag on them.  That comes naturally because they are a great group of people.  Get to know them.  You won't be sorry you did.
Mark Romano & Taylor "Mitt work"

Issac "Ironman" Ware & Ben Parrish


Click here to view one free round of Juice Madrid vs Issac Ware.  It was a great fight between two great guys.

Yes, it's all here.  Where are you?

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