Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Live MMA Fight

I attended my first live fight! And... it was not in any way disappointing. I was fortunate that my wife was able to attend with me. I played it as a "date", and didn't tell her that we were going to a fight until the last minute. Surprisingly, she had a great time. I thought she might chew me out for taking her to a fight for a date, but she really said it was a great experience. (I probably helped me that I I took her to Red Lobster for dinner.)

We had front row seats. I mean right up on the cage! I saw a lot of familiar faces: Doc Romano, Chris Gates, Kevin Crook, Jeff Chambers and his whole crew, Tony Palmer and his wife, Terry Robinson and many more. My wife was very impressed with the quality of fighters as was I. (I don't know if it was the fights that kept her attention, or if it was the sweaty guys doing the fighting, LOL) She jumped back a few times as the intensity got a little close for comfort. I have to admit I did my share of jumping during the bouts, especially when Lawrence Lindsay came out for the final fight of the night.

I have seen Lawrence at the gym and heard stories of his tenacity and grit but I have to say that he and AO put on a show! What a great fight! I thought it was really close in the first round, thought Lawrence gained a lot of ground in the second and dominated the third. Just my opinion, but I enjoyed every minute of it. AO was a physical specimen to be admired as was Lawrence. These guys came to fight and I believe we all saw what it means to be dedicated to this sport. The two did the MMA proud. TBJJ was very well represented in my opinion.

Lawrence made the night for a lot of us but props to AO and all the other fighters listed in this blog for June 5th. It was a great show and was filled with surprises.
Thanks to all of you who put it together. Very well done!

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