Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New to MMA.... Week 8

Yesterday marks the 8 week anniversary of my first thinking of joining TBJJ. As some of you may know, I am mixing into our posts here my experiences as a person new to MMA. To remind you, I am doing this primarily to lower my blood pressure and get into shape. I thought the 2 month mark would be a good point to mark and discuss.

I went to boxing class this morning. I have to say that I almost didn't go because I didn't sleep well last night, didn't feel good, etc. etc. etc.... Somehow I mustered up the courage to get off my butt and drive to the gym. Once I arrived, I noticed the largest class had gathered that I have seen so far. Looking across the group I noticed that Clay, J Bird, Terry Robinson (just back from his fight this weekend at the Fed Ex Forum), Doc Romano, Jon "Tito" Price, and J Bird's brother were there. This is significant because from my perspective, things were about to get real ugly real quick.

I looked over at Tony Palmer who was warming up next to me and who is himself recovering from a bad week of sickness, and said "Big crowd", to which he replied "We are about to get our butts worked off." Let me say that Tony's words did little to help my panicked state of mind. I was shaking inside if not outwardly and in the words of Jesse James "I was shaking like a dog trying to crap a pine cone."

As usual, Doc did not disappoint. I got a great workout in and after it was all over, I actually felt much better than I had when I walked in the door. I don't know if you will have the same experience, but for me it went just that way and I still feel good. Compare this to the way I felt the first couple of classes and I would have to say that TBJJ has gotten me to a much better place physically over the past 8 weeks and I am very glad that I went. You will be too.

Chris Gates did the MMA class Thursday and my daughter (in her first class) learned a ton from him and put me on the floor about 15 times or so. Today, Doc had us boxing and winded, or at least he had ME winded. The pros around me didn't seem to mind at all. All in all, it was a great workout.

Here is what I learned today and what I would like you to take away from your investment of time in reading this post: I only really know a couple of guy at this class. That is key. Why? Because of what Terry Robinson said about camaraderie. It is UNREAL! After class Doc had us do some light sparring. Jon Price comes over and spars with me, a novice, and has the patience to deal with my inexperience and teach me how to spar. I had no idea what to do and he got me started. I didn't last but about a minute and never touched him, but the point is that he helped me. I didn't ask.... he just did. When I finished taking up his time, J Bird jumped in and sparred Jon in my place. And guess what? Jon didn't have to ask him to do so either!

As I sat down and tried to catch my breath, I looked around and noticed the same thing happening all over the mat. Guys jumping in and helping one another (girls too) is commonplace.

So if you have been putting off trying TBJJ, stop. Get up and go and I promise you will not only have fun, but you will feel at home there. I am loving it and I believe you will too.

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