Monday, August 24, 2009

4th Month Report

Last week I had two classes, one in boxing and one in MMA. Tuesday's class was the most fun I have had at any class so far. Mark Romano returned to Tupelo BJJ from his brief time away to qualify for a BIG event which I expect him to place a comment on this article to explain to you all. We all know he is modest, but Doc, you gotta give us some details man!

The class contained a very good, as usual, cardio workout during which I felt my old familiar friend "pain" return. You see, I am the kind of guy who goes home and tries to take what I learned in the previous class and apply it, practice and perfect it. I have yet to perfect anything, but I thought my home workouts would at least lessen the sweat beads to a degree. They did not. I just don't push myself like the guys at TBJJ push me. We got through the cardio, did the abbreviated boxing class and then were fortunate enough to have Chris Gates ask us to help with Jeremy Kilgore's wall work. I was 4th in line. Jeremy threw my chunky butt around like a rag doll, but it was a blast!

What most people don't realize about this type of gym is that even for a novice like me, someone like Jeremy or Chris can take our skills and use them to train. Jeremy had just taught me pummelling with Chris a few weeks ago. I noticed that he, without saying a word, made me work on that. He would create the opportunity, make it difficult to achieve, and then allow me a certain degree of success before he finished the exercise by putting me on the floor. This built my confidence to a degree but let there be no mistake, I know that he put me where he wanted me and worked exactly how he wanted to work. The only thing I could really do was use my weight and press on him as best I could, but it did little to put him in a strain. And this was after he had already gone 3 minutes without stopping with 3 more talented guys. Bottom line from my position, I was gassed, but it was a blast. Thanks to Chris, Doc, and Jeremy for the workout. And thanks to Tony Palmer for going before me and helping to slow Jeremy down just enough that I might not get killed, and thanks to Jeff "Chambo Slice" Chambers for telling me I hit like a girl. I will have to talk to my therapist about that for the next few months but I am sure I will recover at some point. LOL

Have a great week everyone and keep working!

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