Monday, August 24, 2009

Fight Results from August 22nd

TupeloBJJ was well represented this weekend. Jeremy Kilgore fought a war with the much bigger opponent Rick McCrackin.  Jeremy dominated the fight, landing huge strikes and showing great cage control standing up and on the ground.  He won a unanimous decision.

Brian White showed tremendous skill. His striking was smooth and accurate.   His ground game and transitions flowed beautifully. However, after adisplace of enormous skill, Brian got caught in a guillotine choke that
ended the fight.

Both fighters did fantastic and we at TupeloBJJ are very proud of you

Be looking for more fights coming up on September 18 in Memphis and
October 17 at the Isle Capri in Lula Mississippi.


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  1. Wow, what a fight to miss! These guys and guys like them are the heart and soul of MMA. I am in agony that I couldn't see the fights in person but thanks for sharing the results Doc. And thanks a great deal to Jeremy and Brian for doing such a great job! Way to go guys!


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