Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tough Love and Super Ninja's

Ok, I stand corrected, but not until after Chris Gates explained to me how a fighter can get knocked out like Griffin did off of Silva's tap. Apparently, and there is no way I would doubt Chris, the momentum of Griffin moving forward coupled with his weight makes such a knockout or knockdown possible relatively easy. According to Chris, when you have already been knocked down as Griffin had been, it doesn't take much to finish the job, especially if you have all your weight moving foward at fast pace. A well placed jab can be devastating as we saw in the Griffin/Silva fight.

So I publicly stand corrected, and it is as it should be. Just remember, I did say (I think) that the "ignorant to mma", such as myself, can easily draw the conclusion that the fight was "fishy". Now that someone actually took the time to explain the reality of it all, I can see how it could happen. Thanks Chris.

Also, today's boxing class went very well. Thanks to Jon "Tito" Price for drawing my first blood since my beginning my training. Pardon the pun, but he beat Tony Palmer to the punch. Tony had just asked Jeff Chambers about the prize if he made me bleed. Tito threw a hook to my right side during our sparring session and like a dufus, I dropped my hands. You can guess what came next. LOL. Jon, being the constant gentleman, apologized. No need to apologize Jon. I can't think of anyone I would rather have punch me in the nose. At least I know you can control your punches as the other guys at TBJJ can. On the street I woulda been a goner! But man, you forgot to sign my towel! I will keep in and bring it to the next class. I am getting it framed for real. LOL

Finally, I can honestly say I am not too fond of "super ninja" moves. Is that right Chris? Super ninja? If I were a girl, I woulda cryed.... heck I might cry yet cause it still hurts! Seriously, great workout and thanks to Jeff, Tony, Chris and Jon for their patience.

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