Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joe Milligan WINS Sep 18th Fight in Memphis

Chris Gates texted me a while ago and he is proud to announce that Joe Milligan of TBJJ won his fight on Friday night in a very decisive fashion. According to Chris, the referee stopped the fight in the first round!

We hope to have more details of the fight soon but for now, CONGRATS go out to Joe. I know Joe has worked extremely hard over the past weeks to achieve this goal and it has paid off for him. I am sure little Joe Joe III is very proud of his dad as well! Great job Joe!

After 4 days to think about the fight, Joe was kind enough to share some of his thoughts on the fight. "When the fight started I was real surprised. I had expected the guy to be a stand-up brawler but instead he took me down! I swept him and stayed on top. He went for a foot-lock and exposed his head so I went at it, then took mount. I pounded away, then heard the ref tell him to do something or he is going to stop the fight, so I really went off then! I liked not having to break a sweat, rather than going all 3 rounds and being exhausted!" Joe Milligan

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