Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life's Challenges from "Mark Romano"

Hello everyone, I hope that this finds each of you doing well. I think
all of us continue to experience life's challenges. These challenges
would mostly consist of the things in life that we really do not want to
do or partake in. The requirement in these circumstances is discipline. I
define discipline as doing the things that you really do not want to do
but are necessary in accomplishing a goal or task. Discipline is a
conditioned response to life's challenges ( which takes discipline to
learn, lol). Discipline is truly a habbit of success people.
    This brings us to the point of life's challenges. These challenges we
face serve a tremendous purpose in the building of human character,
strength, and confidence. They allow for growth and development of the
human spirit. In fact, without these challenges, a person will never know
who they truly are. Without life challenges, relationships would not grow
strong. A life without challenges is a life that never reach its full
potential. Wasted potential is one of the biggest tragedies of our
   Life challenges lead to defining moments in our lives. In these
moments we rise to a higher level of existence. We perform  better and
think clearer than we ever thought we could. Doors open in every aspect
of life. Investing in the health and strength of our bodies truly helps
in the daily challenges of life, as well as, preparing us for those
defining moments. There is no failure when you are committed to
excellence. Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  my friends!!!

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