Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New to MMA Update: 5th Month

Well, today marks the 5th month of my venture into the world of MMA. I have met a number of very colorful characters and made a host of new friends. Bear in mind, those people I consider friends may not even know me if I met them on the street but I consider them "my" friends anyway. My previous posts indicate why.

I took my first week off last week since I began this journey. Since my first class with Mark Romano I have rarely missed a day working out at least for a half hour or so and on most days do an hour to and hour and a half. I had to be in Jackson on business last week so I used that and the weather as an excuse to just "loaf". NOT A GOOD IDEA, as you probably know.

To be totally honest, I had become somewhat frustrated with myself and was beginning to feel a little sorry for myself. I noticed that I was using the scales as an indicator as to my success and each time I pass them, I weigh myself. When I started I was right at 200 lbs and two weeks ago had only lost 10 pounds. This was while eating broccoli and oatmeal and drinking water every day. No fattening foods are in my diet except sometimes on the weekend I might have fish or shrimp with my wife but my diet mainly consists of salads, oatmeal and broccoli along with garden vegetables for dinner. I just could not understand why I wasn't dropping weight and actually still don't really; however, I know I am getting in much better shape and have much less daily aches and pains than before.

Here is what happened to me: Of course, I was winded in class today but more importantly, I was very rudely awakened to the fact that my body had gotten used to the exercise and on this past Saturday, my lower back went out. My energy has plummeted and I cannot sleep. Serves me right. I knew better and did it anyway. So when Chris Gates says there is no magic pill he is right and your body will tell you when you start to goof off when you are as old as I am.

I am going to try and attach a couple of photo's for your entertainment since this post might bore some of you; but my point is this. Just don't stop. Don't do it. Hang in there and stay committed. The guys at TBJJ have told me this over and over and they are right. Don't let yourself get depressed over a stupid scale. It will pay off.

The photo's are compliments of Terry Robinson and then Jeremy Kilgore. Terry popped me on the left side of my nose and then Jeremy taught me to jab the correct way when sparring with a left handed fighter by tapping the right side. Somehow I feel that I won't be forgetting today's lessons very soon. LOL

Today's class was great, even if I was the worst one there because of my time off. Guess what, I didn't pass out and didn't feel like I had to quit, so that proves it. All the work so far has been well worth it and it is all thanks to TBJJ. Thanks guys. And Oh, bye the way, I have lost 13 pounds so far as of today.

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